Friday, January 13, 2012

FFF - Cracked and Failing

(Image provided by David; artist, Helmut Newton, title unknown)
85-188 words
"...cracked and failing..."
FUCK! You are so damn hot.

She pressed her body up against the mirror, licking that beautiful face staring back at her.

“Oh, the things I could do to you.”

She twirled around, surprised at the voice breaking her from her reverie.

He was tall, dark, and handsome. Chiseled. An impeccable 5 o’clock shadow adorning his gorgeous face.

She glanced back at the figure in the mirror, enticing her to return.

He was perfect.

But so was she.

She returned to the reflection in the mirror. She wanted to see and watch and experience. He could watch or join in.

She didn’t care.

Her indifference beckoned to him. He cracked – and failing to control himself any longer, he moved up behind her, brushing that silky black hair to the side and kissing her neck. Her moans intensified. Her body writhed at his touch, at the image they created on the canvas before them.

Their eyes locked in their reflections.

The rest of the room melted away and the only thing they saw was each other and the beauty they created in that moment.

Total words: 183

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  1. Nicely done!  Had I thought to insert a hyphen into the required phrase as you did, I might have had a little more leeway with it.  As it was, I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to include it.  As always, great story.


  2. Lovely! You've told quite a story in those few words. :-)

    Happy FFF!

  3. oh, nicely done! LIke, you, i too broke up the required how you did it!


  4. Very sensual~nice job!

  5. N ice take and one of the best uses of the required phrase.

  6. As with the others, good use of the phrase. Have to admit that it drove me a bit crazy.
    Good story too. :) "Eyes locked in reflection". :):)

  7. Thanks, Jack! I had a helluva time getting the phrase to work. The hyphen was the only way I could fit it in.

  8. Thank you, Max!

  9. Thanks, nilla! They had to be broken up, didn't they? :)

  10. Why, thank you!

  11. Thanks, Wordwytch. That phrase definitely drove me a bit batty, but I was pleased with how it finally came together.

  12. It reminded me of a female spin on the legend of Narcissus (sp?), totally enamored with herself that she failed to see any other beauty...  A great take.


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