Friday, December 2, 2011

You. Me. Deserted Office.

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I pull you into a deserted office, shutting the door behind me.
I remove my top and my skirt.
Standing before you in only my very sexy lingerie - red and lacy.

I kiss you passionately, while unbuttoning your shirt.
Rubbing my hands along your chest, your abs.
Kissing my way down.
Kissing and licking along the top of your slacks.
Unbuttoning them, letting them drop down to the floor.

I push you up against the wall, releasing your cock.
Feeling it in my hands.
Heating it with my breath.
You are hard.

I kneel before you and lick from base to tip.
Long, slow.
I take your cock masterfully into my mouth.
Feeling you quiver inside, my tongue swirling.

Cock in my mouth, my hands wander back up your body.
Feeling your abs, your chest.
My hands work their way down.
Finding your hands, I direct them to my hair.
Letting you feel my tresses.
Letting you guide your blowjob with your firm hands.

I am dripping with desire.
One more lick from base to tip.
Licking up your happy trail.
Your abs.
Your chest.
My entire body following suit, rubbing up against you.
My nipples so hard.

Your hands are free to roam over me.
You push me up against the wall now.
Sliding your cock beneath my slutty little pussy lips
Teasing me.
Feeling my wetness seeping onto you.

I'm pushing to slide down further, but you're using your strength to keep me up.
You step back and release me.
You want to taste me.


  1. Oh, we want to taste you all right.  We want to taste your every inch.  Very vivid and sexy.  Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Mmmm hmmm you know how bad he wants to taste you since he has felt your wetness engulf his cock. Yummy!!

  3. Oh what a picture you paint my sweet Lola, the taste of your sweet nectar lingers on my tongue, your scent filling me.

  4. Wow....  That's just smoking hot!  You leave it open for a continuation, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll post it here soon. :-)

  5. Your wish may come true soon. We'll see...


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