Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Cliterrific!

Last Monday, I took my licensure exams. I had to do a lot of guessing, but I think I did all right. I should get the results in a few weeks, but for now I'm relishing in the fact that they are OVER!

In order to celebrate that night, I decided to spend a little alone time with my Cliterrific Cup before heading to bed. She's relatively new to me, and I'd used her in the shower before, but I wanted to just lie down, relax, and cum and cum and cum.

I lied down on my bed, brought Tumblr up on my phone for a little visual stimulation, and slipped this sex toy slowly into my pussy. The texture felt fantastic, and I could immediately tell I was going to enjoy this. A lot.

I gently fucked myself for a while.
Pushing it in.
Pulling it out.
Feeling the grooves and enjoying the sensations.

Pushing it in deep one more time, I finally turned it on. I adjusted and played with the rotating controls. The end of the shaft swirls in a slight circular motion, and it's easy to switch the rotation from clockwise to counter-clockwise with the push of a button. The intensity of the rotations also has 3 speeds.

Even on the highest speed, the rotations are gentle. Also, I found this to be the noisiest aspect of the toy. It made me a little self-conscious with Jasper in the next room, so I would switch it on and off frequently, but didn't necessarily keep that part running for an extended period.

After playing with the rotation feature for awhile, I turned it off and turned on the vibrator. It only vibrates in the clitoral stimulator, but it was plenty for me. When I had the shaft deep in my pussy, the clit bullet hit my clit perfectly. Even on the lowest vibration setting, it felt fantastic. The increase of two more speeds made me cum right away.

Of course, I wasn't finished yet.

I had to try them out together.

This. Felt. Amazing!

This rabbit vibrator did not disappoint. The combination of ridges, rotations, and vibrations was definitely enough to throw me over the edge. A couple times.

This is called the cliterrific cup, though, so I wanted to figure out the benefit of the cup at the end of the shaft. It doesn't vibrate at all; it only rotates. Still, I wanted to see how it would feel to have it cup my clit while rotating. It felt good, of course, but not good enough to cum. I definitely prefer the shaft inserted into my pussy.

As I mentioned, I have used this while standing in the shower. I found the sensations to be even more instense in the hot, steamy shower. I think the standing position really does the trick for me.

Jasper and I have also used this toy as a couple. No promises, but that may be a post for another time. Let me just say that with the shaft in my ass and the bullet against his balls, we were definitely both loving this toy.


  1. Glad to hear the exams are over, and we have our fingers crossed that you did well.  We are very confident that you hit it out of the park, so to speak.  Great review!  This definitely looks like something we'd like to try out.  Jill's Eroscillator has an attachment similar to the cup, and we've used it pretty frequently, though less frequently than some of the other attachments.  Might need to add this one to our Christmas list!

  2. I hope you do!

    Thanks for your votes of confidence. Though my exams are over, I am still far from finished with all I need to finish by Jan 1st.

  3. We have faith in you!  Fingers are crossed that you manage to get through all your work!  You can do it!


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