Thursday, December 22, 2011

Anniversary Gifts

With school and planning for our upcoming move next summer, we decided not to exchange gifts for our anniversary this year.

And then I remembered that I had some gift cards to use at EdenFantasys.


Here's what we scored.

For Lola:

A Classy Elegance Dress

I really like it. It fits perfectly. It's pretty but also a little casual. It's fun to twirl around in, too. I hope to get a lot of use out of it.

A set of Nipple Rings

Wow! This puppies are tight! I had a really difficult time trying them on. Jasper adjusted them slightly, so hopefully they'll go on easier next time. I would love to be able to wear them out somewhere.

For Jasper:

Some Silicone Penis Ties (okay, maybe these are a little for Lola, too)

We haven't tried these out yet, but I hope they are as fun as we imagine.

A Tenga 3D masturbation sleeve

He tried this out last night after I'd gone to sleep. This morning, I asked him how he enjoyed it, and while I can't remember his exact words, he pretty much loved it. He said it felt really great but clean-up was kind of a pain.

I'd say we scored pretty well. I think we were both very happy with our gifts to each other.

Do you and your SO exchange naughty gifts? What's the best gift (vanilla or otherwise) that you've ever received?


  1. Nice haul!  Eden Fantasys is awesome.  Once again, happy anniversary!

  2. So...are the silicone ties kind of like a cockring? That's what I'm imagining. Yes, yes, yes we exchange naughty gifts! Those are the best kind. I'd say my Lelo Soraya for my anniversary last year and my njoy purewand for my birthday this year were the two best gifts I've ever received. Well...about 19 years ago Od bought me a Panasonic "personal massager" and it's still purring like it's brand new. She's more like a best friend at this point rather than an object. :)

    Happy anniversary to you both. Lots of love and fun times!

  3. Pretty dress Lola.

    I'm curious to learn more about the penis ties.

    As for the masturbation sleeve, I tried The Tube on KinkyGent and didn't like it at all. It said it was okay, he (of course) prefers my hand. Other male bloggers that read my take on the Tube said they liked it.

    Happy Anniversary.



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  5. Well, we haven't used the cock ties yet, but yes, they are like a cock ring ... or two. I'll be sure to do a little review once we get around to using them. :)

  6. Thanks, Hedone! Jasper really enjoys the sleeve I got him. He's already used it many times. The only thing he doesn't really like is the clean-up, but who does, really??

    We've still yet to use the ties, but I'll post something when we do. :)


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