Tuesday, December 20, 2011

♫Random Song of the Day♫ Bennie & the Jets

I got up early this morning to squeeze in a run before work.

It was COLD! My phone said it was 21°F and felt like 16°F. Needless to say, I was all bundled up.

Plus it was still quite dark, so I threw on my reflective vest and headlamp.
Safety first, y'know.

I bet I looked super sexy.
Maybe I'll snap a picture next time.

I got home from my run with perfect timing to see this scene.

Such a fun song.
Such fun eye candy.
Such a fun scene.

Makes me wanna dance on a bar.
I think I've probably gotten a bit too old for that.
But still ...
Someday ...
Maybe ...

A girl can dream...

Now, I'll have this song stuck in my head all day and a smile on my face.

Have you ever danced on a bar? What's a song that makes you smile and just feel good? What's the coldest temp you've ever gone for a run?


  1. I'm sure you looked very sexy, in a coal miner kinda way. ;-)

    No way are you too old to dance on a bar.  Someday. :-)

  2. Not too old to dance on a bar...I've never done it, but I'd like to!  Always looks so fun.

  3. "Coal miner kinda way" - lovely!

    Will you catch me, if I fall? lol

  4. Since neither of us has done it, we should totally do it together. How fun would that be?!


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