Friday, October 1, 2010

Coolest Person He Knows

So the other day, I was sucking off my husband when I asked him to send a message to a mutual friend to see how he was doing (he had recently been in a car accident). I've been absolutely jonesing to fuck this friend, but he's hesitant because of my being married and all.

Anyway, their messages went something like this:

C: I need to get laid old-fashioned style, but I'm too banged up.
J: Lola will pretty much fuck you anyway you request. She also just suggested she suck you off, if it will make you feel better.
C: /cough. She's pretty much the coolest person I know. She might even trump you.

There you have it. I might edge out Jasper in the coolness department. Sweet!

Now, if I can just convince C to stop worrying about weird situations and just fuck me! I could show him the world, and he'd definitely rank me higher than Jasper.

Not that it's a competition.


  1. Ok, so the coolest thing about that post is the image of Jasper sitting there having is knob bobbed and he is testing a friend at the same time - for some reason that makes me grin.

  2. MM, I agree! Very cool image indeed. ;)


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