Thursday, December 13, 2012

A December of HNT - Part 2

Time for another trip down HNT lane.

Last week, I shared my most viewed HNT posts. This week I'll be linking to my least viewed posts.

HNT - Neck
HNT - Baking
HNT - Yoga
HNT - Preparing
HNT - New Toy
HNT - Lucky
HNT - Glasses

All of the above pictures had less than 25 views, according to my Blogger Stats. Clearly, something's not quite right about that since a few of them have just as many, if not more, comments. Oh well. It's all I have to go off from right now. *sigh*

Now, I have just one more week of HNT recaps before a fresh take on December 27th, but I need your help.

Please click on the slideshow below to vote on your favorites! You can vote by either liking the photo or by leaving a comment. Feel free to do both and give that picture two votes. *wink* You can vote on as many pictures as you'd like, and the ones with the most likes and/or comments by next Thursday at 5am PST will be the winners.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over, browse, vote, and ENJOY! Oh, yeah, and tell your friends. :)


  1. Wonderfully hot, all of them; and I promise to go back and peruse even *more* carefully, and vote :)

    1. Thanks, Pirate. I really appreciate your help. ;)

  2. Sorta hard to pick just one, don't you think? :-)

    1. No one says you have to pick just one. :D


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