Friday, September 7, 2012

FFF - Fetlock

Things had been hot and steamy; my orgasms more intense than I could recall in a long time. I was on top -  riding him hard when it happened.

He proposed.

Right there. In the heat of the moment.

He was smart. HOT. Very Wealthy. A real dream come true. I should have been happy, but the truth was I didn’t know how to react. Instead of answering, I ran out to the stables.

My prince had just proposed! I shook my head and mounted my favorite stallion. Bareback. I didn’t even notice that I was still naked; I just rode off into the distance.

Proposed? I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. I mean, who does that? Proposing in the middle of sex. Before cumming, no less.

Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t see the pond until we were in depths well past the stallion’s fetlock, and I could feel the cool water lapping at my ass.

What was I going to do? I know this wasn’t the reaction he probably expected – me running out of the room like a bat out of hell.

I just…I just…well, I just don’t know. I clung to the stallion hoping for some comfort, some inspiration. I rode and rode. The sun had set by the time I returned to the stables. The castle was completely dark. I tiptoed quietly back up to my room. Luckily, he wasn’t waiting for me. I gathered my belongings and snuck back out the way I’d come.

Safely back in my own bed, physically and emotionally exhausted, I curled up and cried myself to sleep.

Truth be told, this picture really creeped me out. First, I'm not a huge horse person. Second, and more importantly, this chick is unhealthily skinny. The combination of the horse and rider made my stomach turn a bit. I really didn't know how I could possible write about this picture.

Then, I sat down to write and the idea for this story just popped into my head. It barely addresses what's happening in the picture, which suits me just fine; the less time I have to look at it the better. :-)

What do you think of this week's photo?

The challenge for this week was to write a story of 289 words or less using the word fetlock. Why not join in the fun and write your own story based on the photo?

Check out Ram's blog to link up your own story and to read what everyone else wrote.


  1. Lola, I have to agree with you, she is way to skinny and the expression on her face isn't appealing either.
    Great story though, interesting take.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the gauntness of the woman in the photo. It was very striking to both of us, and the only reason I didn't mention it in my own story is because it simply didn't fit.

    This is quite possibly the last thing that I might have extrapolated from the picture, but that's the beauty of FFF: You can write anything that comes to mind. You give a unique perspective into the mind of the young woman; I daresay that many such individuals would have gladly accepted the proposal and continued on to even hotter sex afterwards. But sometimes we just have to take our writing to dark places. Well done.


  3. I didn't notice how skinny she was, I just wondered how much it would hurt to rub bare pussy lips against the back of a horse. It may look sexy, but it would chafe like hell.

    I liked your story, goes to the old saying of "Be careful what you wish for...."

  4. I give you props Lola for sticking with it and writing a hot story despite your reaction to the photo. Thanks for writing this week.

    1. Thanks, Ram. I surprised myself writing this; it turned out better than I'd hoped.

  5. "I mean, who does that? Proposing in the middle of sex. Before cumming, no less."
    LOL! I especially loved this line! Good question! ;-) Interesting woman.

  6. Hmmm...., if you're reaction to a proposal is that I wonder what it would be if upon hearing the honeymoon would be a Cruise through the Greek Isles!?


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