Friday, September 21, 2012

FFF - Chagrin

Flash Fiction Friday

The last party of the summer was wrapping up. I had decided to leave when I noticed three guys in the kitchen and decided to play a little game instead. Two were talking off to the side; the third was sitting at the table. They were all shirtless. This was gonna be fun.

You guys wanna play a little game?” They eyed me suspiciously.

It’s simple. I remove something of yours. You, in turn, remove something of mine. You game?

That got their attention, and they formed a circle around me. They wondered how this would play out, knowing they each were only wearing one article of clothing.

I removed the shorts of the first guy – exposing his already hardening cock. Mmm. Delightful.

He seemed to hesitate, so I purred, “Your turn.” He reached under my sundress, deftly removing my damp panties and tossing them to the side.

In no time, I’d removed the shorts of the second guy. Again, surprised to find he wasn’t wearing anything else. This was going better than expected.

With no hesitation, he lifted my sundress over my head. My supple breasts bounced lightly before my audience.

I turned to the third guy, “I want to remove your shorts, but I have nothing else for you to remove in kind. Whatever shall we do?” Smiling innocently, I pulled his shorts down to the floor.

Pressing up against me, he whispered, “Since I can’t undress you, I’m going to cover you with something warm and creamy. But first, first, we’re going to fuck you. And so are they.

For the first time, I noticed several other men had entered the kitchen during my little game. I tried to look mortified, but my dripping pussy betrayed my look of chagrin and accepted his cock – hungrily wanting more.

This party had been so fun! I’d removed my clothes much earlier; now I wanted another drink. I headed into the kitchen – noticing three very hot men.

Two were naked. One was hanging by the door out to the patio; yes, it appeared he was actually hanging from the door frame. The other naked man was watching him, absentmindedly stroking his own cock.

The third guy was at the table. He was still wearing shorts. His look of chagrin melted when he saw me. His charming smile mesmerized me. I was drawn to him by some inexplicable power. Before I knew what was happening, I was kneeling before him removing his shorts.

His cock hardened quickly, and I soon found myself impaled on his lap, my pussy juices dripping down his balls. As I rode him, I couldn’t stop myself from watching the scene before me.

The one who had been stroking his cock had moved closer to the one in the doorway. In fact, he had moved so close that they were now touching. He had moved from stroking his own cock to stroking that of the other man. I realized that the man in the doorway had not actually been hanging there because his hands were now entwined in the other man’s hair, guiding his head to his cock. They both began moaning loudly.

Or was that me?

I began fucking harder and faster. The guy I was fucking leaned forward to ask if I wanted a closer look. I nodded, and he beckoned his friends. Watching this fellatio, I knew I wanted a turn. I knelt before the neglected cock, taking it hungrily into my mouth. My ass was high in the air, so I could continue being fucked by guy #3.

And that was just the beginning.

I really liked this picture, but I had a hell of a time writing a story about it. I'm not really all that pleased with either of these, but I don't think I'll end up with anything better. The challenge this week was to write something with a word count of 301 or less using the word "...chagrin..."

Now, head over to Ram's blog  for more Flash Fiction Friday fun. Hopefully others had an easier time with this prompt.

Flash Fiction Friday


  1. I'd love to play a little game.... :-)

    Two nice takes on this pic. Happy FFF!

  2. Hot stuff LL! Would never have known you struggled with the storyline if you hadn't told us.

    P.S. - thinkin about setting up to do a chain story, where each writer contributes, say, a paragraph and then hands off to the next writer, and I would choose the order at random from those regulars who write for FFF. Sound worth the effort? Please be frank because it would be somewhat more complicated to arrange so I don't want to undertake it unless there is true enthusiasm.

    1. Thanks, Ram!

      I think the chain story sounds like a lot of fun. Count me in! :D

    2. Ok - I'll try to put up the Flash Fiction Sex Serial challenge tomorrow or Sat.

  3. Great stories! I think I like the first one the best though. Very nicely done.

  4. I liked the first one best myself although both were very good. What a fun game indeed and no losers, everyone fume out a winner.

  5. I think you did a great job with both, but the first is my favorite. Great twist!


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