Monday, June 4, 2012

Have you ever...

Been so bored on a road trip that you simply needed some cock?

The scenery passing by was beautiful, and I could watch it forever. But being a passenger is also tiresome. Staring out a window simply wasn't engaging enough for me.

I wonder if I could suck Jasper's cock as we drive along.

Not too much later, Jasper makes some comment about whether or not there would be enough room between the front seats of the van. Really? I was just wondering the same thing.

Nothing happened right away.
Conversation drifted to another topic.

But it wasn't too much later that boredom set back in again.

"Do you think I could just suck your cock as we drive down the road?"

I weasel my way to my knees, nestled between the seats, and pull his cock out of his loose gym shorts. I wrap my lips around his cock. Swirling my tongue. Feeling his flex. Relaxing my throat and taking him balls deep.

I was totally turned on by the fact that every semi-driver could easily see what was going on.

It was the middle of the day with the sun shining brightly.

After a few moments, we decided to take the next exit to ... um ... go a bit further. We ended up just off the freeway on a small dirt road in North Dakota.

I took his cock deep in a throat a few more times. Feeling it fill the back of my throat. Letting him thrust and fuck my face.

Until my cunt needed to be fucked.

He slipped into my juicy cunt - pounding me until we both came.

And back on the road we went.


  1. We can relate to this! We take a two-hour drive to visit family every couple weekends. The baby invariably falls asleep in her car seat just a few minutes into the drive, and once she's out, Jill turns on some erotic audio - usually a podcast or some sort of audio book - drops her jeans or raises her skirt, props her feet up on the dash, and gets herself off. Sometimes a trucker happens to pull up alongside us and enjoys the show; as for me it's all I can do to keep my eyes on the road. Once she gets hers, it's my turn.


    1. Sounds like a perfect little system.

  2. Nothing better than a blow job as your trying to concentrate on the road ahead

    1. He promised he wouldn't get distracted. ;)

  3. Damn that's hot! Happy travels. :-)

  4. I want to go on a road trip with you.... I think we'd drive to the canadian border just to turn around and reach the mexican border :)

  5. I've gotten road head so many times I've lost count. Oh, wait, I have the count, 1. Just outside of Las Vegas, and yes, it was memorable since it happened almost 20 years ago. I'm SOOOO glad you two are having fun.

  6. I got road head a couple times many years ago. Never pulled over to fuck, but did shoot a couple hot loads down her throat sitting in a driveway and a parking lot...Thank you for bringing back those fun memories...



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