Monday, June 11, 2012

Confession time

First, Jasper smokes. I know, I know.


But also, oh so sexy.
I mean damn!

The smoke coming from his mouth.

But really, it's his hands. Super fucking sexy hands. Smoking just brings those fuckers into the limelight and suddenly all I can think of is how much I wanna suck on them.

And other things. Mmmmm...

Second, We've been staying at my brother in-laws for a week now. I was wearing a tank top, no bra, and super short shorts the day we arrived. They have a 15-year old son.

Um...let's just say I was making him a wee bit uncomfortable that first day. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm easily his hottest aunt.

After his reaction that first day, I must confess, I haven't exactly been trying to suppress my sexuality.

How uncomfortable do you think I can get him?

Third, Ok. I can't really think of anything else to confess right now.

How about a picture instead?


  1. You're an evil woman!

    None of my aunts would be considered anywhere near sexy. At least not by the time that I would have been noticing that stuff...

    1. Well, they've all definitely got bigger tits, but still... I like to flatter myself from time to time.

  2. You are sooo amazingly sex.

    My aunts weren't hot, but my cousins used to give me wet dreams all the time. Especially the two sisters who lived with us when I was 14.

    My nephew (15) popped a boner when we had him pose with several bikini clad girls we met at the beach. It made for a priceless group photo.

    1. When I was a teen, I remember having crushes on a few of my cousins, too. Never an uncle, though. Guess I've always had a thing for younger guys.

      I bet your nephew loves that photo!

  3. I just love your body, perfect, your legs, your stomach, its like your built for sex....... I want some but will settle for this amazing photo

  4. Oh such a tease to taunt and torment a young boy full of teenage angst..and yet your delectably hot and sexy body...Mmmmmmmmm

  5. I had a crush on one of my aunts for a short time, something about how her legs looked in the stockings she wore.

    But, you are a bit hotter!

    And I think this latest pic might be the sexiest pic you have ever posted of yourself!

    Have I mentioned before that I could spend a long, long time sucking on and playing with your tits?

    1. Thanks, Marcus. :)

      Um. You may have mentioned that before. *wink*

  6. I'm remembering myself at 15. You'll be able to make him pretty damned uncomfortable...and fuel his fantasies for years to come. :-)

    Very very sexy pic, thank you! :-)

  7. Hell, I'm 46 and you'd make me uncomfortable in that outfit...laughs!!!


  8. You've been making me uncomfortable (in my pants) for quite a long time now, and this post certainly didn't change that. When I was fifteen, I had an aunt like you. Not a blood relation, though I can't imagine it would have mattered if she was. I doubt that turning him on in this fashion is something he's going to regret or look back on with distaste.


    1. Well, I hope not.
      Though his father is pretty strict, sexually. Masturbation is evil and all that.

  9. That poor kid is going to be experiencing plenty of wet dreams in the near future I'm sure. You are quite the tease, all in good sexy fun though.

    p.s. I wish I had an aunt to ogle as hot as you.


  10. Seeing you easily makes my night.


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