Friday, February 17, 2012

FFF - Folded

(Source image: unknown title, photo by Mina Bast)

The smooth sheets wrapped around her legs.
The moonlight shimmered through the open curtains.
She stirred slightly as I entered the room.
I placed a rose on her pillow.
Kissing her on the cheek, I brushed the hair from her face.

She smiled.

Wanting to feel her, I slipped under the sheets
and wrapped her in my arms.
She smiled again and turned to face me.
Without opening her eyes, she whispered to me,
“I want you inside me.”
Happy to oblige, I folded her at her luscious hips
and slid my hard cock into her wet pussy. 

Today's challenge was to write a flash fiction using less than 100 words, and "...folded..." was the challenge phrase.

This piece comes in at 98 words. :-)

Sometimes, I will wake up when Jasper comes to bed.
Sometimes, I will even insist on fucking despite my need to get up in a few hours.
Sometimes, this is just what I need.

Flash Fiction Friday!
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  1. Sweet and lovely. I love your take on this pic. :-)

    Happy FFF!

  2. Delicious.. Left wanting more...

  3. A very romantic piece and interesting to read you writing as a guy.

    Nice one Lola ;-)

    1. Thanks, Red. For some reason, it's not too unusual for me to write from the male perspective for FFF. I don't know why...

  4. As always, great job with the prompt! I'm always so impressed by your telling the story from a male POV. I'm convinced that my attempts to write from a female POV are awkward and embarrassing.


    1. Thanks, Jack. I think I just write what I would like a guy to see or say or do, and hope it doesn't come off too awkward.

      Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  5. Very sweet. Makes you want more.

    1. Thanks, Word. I agree. :-) I always want more. lol.

  6. Very romantic! Still a bit affected by Valentine's perhaps?

  7. Sleepy lust - yum!
    I am taking a shot at guest hosting FFF for this week; stop by and play if you're inspired.

    1. Hmmm...I think Max offered to guest host as well. I'll have to check you both out, I suppose. :)

  8. I'm sure your gentle insistence is music to his ears, not matter what the hour.

    1. Music to my ears, at least. What else matters? hehehe.


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