Friday, August 22, 2014

FFF 8/22 - Wild Child

Yep. That's right. Two posts in two days. Woot!

Key Words: Wild, Found, Saved (use all three)
Word Limit: 300
Forbidden Words: Dirty

It was a warm summer day, and we’d been hiking for hours. The sun had felt so warm and inviting at the beginning, but now it was just plain hot. We still hadn’t found this elusive lake.

I’m so SWEATY!!
Me, too.
This is taking forever!
I know! But, I’ve got an idea of how we can cool off.
Oh yeah? What’s that?
Let’s get all wild, take off our clothes, and roll in that muddy clay.
That’s the craziest idea! She said as she pulled off her tank top - revealing her round, perky breasts.

He laughed, as he watched her gleefully run over to the inviting clay, slinking out of her shorts.

Picking up a handful of clay, he started painting it all over her. The coolness of the clay felt great, but the heat inside her started burning. She pulled him close, and whispered, Now what?

He grinned back, as he pushed her to her knees and unleashed his hard cock. She hungrily sucked it into her mouth until his cock was buried balls deep down her throat. She got lost in the pleasure of the blow job and didn’t even notice the beautiful blonde park ranger approaching.

Just as he was about to cum, the ranger leaned over and whispered, I found you! into her ear.

She just smiled up at the ranger, finished sucking him dry, and said Don’t worry. I saved the best for you. And gave her a big sloppy kiss, cum oozing down their chins.


  1. Sexy. Love that photo too!


  2. Oooh, fuck, nice ending. that was way way hot and a great return to the FFF Fold. Thanks for coming out of retirement. it's great to have you back.

  3. I love the photo too ... awesome shot.

    And delightful story! ;-)


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