Friday, March 8, 2013

FFF - Mesmerized

They skipped the guided tour and decided to explore the old castle on their own. Walking around, admiring the architecture, Paul and Susan were enthralled.
“It’s so gorgeous! Just look at these ornate features,” she exclaimed with pure delight.
And then they turned the corner, and stopped dead in their tracks, in complete awe of the sight before them.
“Now that is a sight to behold,” Paul smiled.
“Do you think I can touch her?” Susan whispered, as she reached out, mesmerized by the woman before her.
The woman moaned ever so slightly, her body quivering at Susan’s touch. No further words were spoken as Susan grabbed the woman’s breasts and, wrapping her mouth around one, gently sucked on her nipple. She continued to massage her breasts and kiss all over her body.

Paul was, at first, surprised by his wife’s behavior, but soon, he, too, was sucked in by her beauty.

He was already hard from watching his wife with this woman, so it just seemed natural to bend her over and slide his cock into this stranger’s dripping pussy. Susan continued to suck on her tits while Paul pounded her.

As he was about to cum, he pulled out, and they lied the woman down on the cold ground. Susan took his cock into her mouth to bring him close again and to taste the juices of this strange pussy.

He shot his load all over the woman’s tits and face. It was one of his biggest loads, but Susan was more than happy to clean her up.

They returned the woman back to her standing position and continued with their self-guided tour.

I really wanted to participate this week, but when I saw the image, I was so uninspired. I couldn't think of a single way to go with this prompt, but then a friend suggested maybe changing the scene to be a museum or a movie set, and the seed for this story was planted.

I hope you enjoyed it and don't mind at all that I went over the word limit by 75 words and didn't include the key word.

I enjoyed writing it and now must go enjoy myself in the shower before work. ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!! Please head over to Advizor's blog to read his take on the story and see who else is playing along this week.


  1. 75 words over and no key word? I hope you wear your Nun's outfit the next time to earn the extra credit. :-)

    I love your take on things, the Catholic overtones were only there because of real world events, but your museum tour approach is a great way to handle it. I'm sincerely glad you joined in!

    1. Thanks! Your advice really helped. :)

  2. Another fun story. :) I love the idea of leaving the tour and having an adventure.

  3. reading it on my phone at work... i don't need to pretend arousal next time i'm on stage - i am horny now!!

    1. Glad I could be so *ahem* inspiring. :)

  4. Wickedly Sexy. I would say you definitely got inspired.



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