Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just a Quick Hello

I know, I know.

I've been away for a long time. I may or may not be on my way back, but I wanted to drop in super quick.

Tomorrow is my last day student teaching, and after coming home this evening, Jasper and I did some incredibly fucking.

I spun quite the sensual story involving high school students, a fellow teacher and a supply closet.
Jasper finished the story from the perspective of the principal - punishing me for what he walked in on.

Perhaps one day I'll share the story.


  1. So what you have done is make us hope, you will post the story one day..,
    If you come back, right? Bad girl... hehe ...

  2. So you are just going to leave us hanging until then? you are being a naughty teacher.

  3. Teachers are so fucking hot. Well, some are. Many of the teachers I had when I was in school were repellent. So much for making a broad generalization.

    Congratulations on completing your student teaching!

  4. Tell me more, tell more.

    Don't leave me hanging!

    I'll take a draft version :)

    Congrats on finishing up with student teaching.


  5. awwww go on spill the beans, and turn me on even more ;)

  6. As others have said, very naughty to leave us hanging like that. :-)

    Glad to have a note from you, and congrats on finishing the student teaching!

  7. Lola, so good to hear from you and congratulations on finishing the student teaching!

    I'm sure the story must have been pretty hot, I'm thinking about a story you posted one time, I think about poolside bukake? ;)

    Thanks for the quick hello!


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