Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coffee Break

I slip into your office after your 10:00 meeting, handing you a cup of coffee.
I know it's been a stressful morning already.

I slip under your desk, slowly unzipping your slacks.
I take your cock in my mouth.
Getting you wet as I work my way down, pressing my nose to your belly.

I keep you deep in my mouth, swallowing gently.
My hands massaging your balls.
Keeping my lips tight around your shaft, I slowly work my way back up to the top.
I suck at your head. Gently, at first.
Then more agressively.
Teasing you.
Wanting more.

I take you entirely into my mouth again.
I love feeling your cock flex deep down my throat.
I love your taste and feel.

My hand begins to wander.
I lift my skirt, revealing no panties.
My smoothly shaved pussy bare.

My fingers find my clit and I begin rubbing in sync with my sucking.
It feels so good, and my pussy is sooooo wet.
I begin rubbing faster, harder.

My focus has turned to my pleasure, so you hold my head firmly on your cock.
Don't let me come up.
Force me to cum with your cock deep in my throat.
My hand is moving so fast!
My hips begin to shake.
My entire body trembling.
I moan over your cock.
My screams muffled..
You're going to make me cum so hard.

My orgasm subsides, and I return my full focus to your cock.
Sucking and licking.
Sliding my mouth up and down.
Feeling you flex and pulse inside me.
Wanting to taste and swallow your hot cum.

Oh god! It feels so fantastic.
Knowing the pleasure I'm bringing you.

My hand begins to wander back down again, but you grab it.
Bringing my fingers to your lips, you begin sucking on them.
You can still taste the remants of my orgasm.

I am moaning like crazy.
You want to eat my pussy.
But not now.
No way am I giving up your cock.

You suck on my fingers.
You reach down to play with my very hard nipples.

You're surprised at how hard they are.
You roll your fingers over them gently before gripping them between your thumb and forefinger.
Twisting them.
Pulling them.

My moans increase in intensity.
I slide my mouth back down deep onto your cock. Allowing myself to fully succumb to the pleasure of your cock in my mouth, my fingers in your mouth, your fingers on my nipples.
It. feels. so. fucking. unbelievable!

You move one hand back to my head.
Intertwining your fingers in my hair.
You hold my head onto your cock while your other hand continues to pull and tease my nipples.
My pleasure is mounting once more.
With just the magic of your fingers, I can feel another orgasm mounting.

Cock deep inside, I begin again to tremble.
It feels so good.
You love watching me quirm.
The sounds of my muffled moans and screams.

You take my fingers back into your mouth once more.
You pull on my nipple. HARD.
I. can't. take. anymore.
I release.
I collapse.

I devour your cock again!
Sucking and slurping.
Like it's the only thing I could possibly want or need.
Every. single. fiber of my being is enjoying this blow job.

You have been brought to the edge a few times.
Each time I came, you were incredibly able to hold off your own.

But now it is your time.

I pause only briefly to look up at you.
Beg you with my eyes to come for me.

And then I am right. back. at. it.

Giving you the best damn blow job of your life!

I can feel your orgasm mounting.
The excitement is nearly unbearable, but I continue.

Up and down.
Pausing at the base.
Faster and faster
Pumping my mouth over you.
Swirling my tongue.

As that first spurt hits the back of my throat, I slow my pace slightly.
Hoping to draw out that orgasm for you.
I slide up your cock, so it's not all going right down my throat.
I want to taste you.

So fucking fabulous.

After your final release, I gently lick you all clean.
Making sure not to miss one single drop.

I tuck you back into your boxers, pulling your slacks back on.
I grab your face and give you a huge, passionate kiss.
Whispering thank you, I'm out the door.

You smile, lean back and take a sip of your cup of coffee.


  1. You have just writen exactly what I need right now, right here in my office and funny enough it is 10 am here.

    VERY HOT, I think I love you ;)

  2. Lola, that was very hot... I wish you worked at my office... cause I'm rock hard!!!!

  3. Amazingly Hot Hot Hot... wow!

  4. Well, SOMEBODY likes her some cock, doesn't she? ;)

    That was very well written, Lola!

  5. What about the afternoon coffee break? :) Damn that was hot!!

  6. Umm what did you say?! I couldn't focus my eyes were glued to that huge cock in the picture. Damn! It would be fun to have one that big. Very enjoyable ;-)

  7. Best blow job ever! Definitely. Being so into it and focused, I need that, to feel that. I would pay back many times over.

  8. Excellent post. I love your enthusiasm when it cums to giving a blow job.

  9. Thanks, everyone! I'm so glad that you all enjoyed this so much. :)

    @France, Who says there couldn't be a repeat in the afternoon? ;)

    @Marcus, I have no doubt you'd be generous with some pay back.

    @Stafford Woods, Welcome to my blog. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Excellent post. I love your enthusiasm when it cums to giving a blow job.

  11. What about the afternoon coffee break? :) Damn that was hot!!

  12. Well, SOMEBODY likes her some cock, doesn't she? ;)

    That was very well written, Lola!


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