Saturday, June 6, 2015

Post-Race Fun

A couple days after the wine tasting, Kieran and I had a 5k race. We made plans to go back to his place afterwards. It was very exciting to know that we were finally going to fuck after so much anticipation the previous couple of weeks.

We ran a great race, and I'm not going to lie... I definitely ran a bit faster at the end knowing what was about to happen.

After the race, we hung out with a few friends for a bit, said our good-byes, and I followed him back to his place. He gave me a very brief tour and it didn't take long at all before we were making out.

And not long after that before I was completely naked while he licked and kissed all over my body. Head to toe.

He got to my Achilles and oh, WOW, did that ever get me going. Who knew? It was amazing how much that made me squirm. He licked and kissed his way back up my body.

That's when the nipple sucking and biting began. Double WOW. I could. not. get. enough. It was probably the roughest nipple play I'd ever experienced, but fuck, it was fantastic.

He made his way back down to my pussy, and treated her real nice - sucking and licking and kissing. And. the. fingering. Oh my. It was like he knew exactly where to touch me.

My body was convulsing like crazy. And he whispered in my ear, I'm going to fuck you now.


I can't remember all the positions we got in, but there were quite a few. At one point, I was on my back; he was on his knees; and my right leg was up on his shoulders. Not only did this this feel amazing, it looked amazing. All I wanted (except for him to never stop, of course) was a camera to take a pics or capture a video.

Since it was our first time together, I didn't feel comfortable asking. But trust me, it was amazing.

He flipped me over onto my knees and fucked me doggie style. So good.

I came so many times. It was incredible.

He fucked me until he came.

As I lied there convulsing in the that afterglow, he whispered, I'm not done with you yet.

And he worked his way down to eat me out some more. In our tour, he had shown me the restraints under his bed. You wanna restrain my legs?

Before long, I was tied down to the bed. On his way back down to eat my pussy, he grabbed his flogger. It's not really my thing, but he flogged my tits lightly and my pussy a little, too. I kinda liked it. :)

He devoured my pussy until I was cumming HARD one last time.

It was intense and amazing. Afterwards, I lied on my tummy as he poured massage oil over me and eased my muscles after running the 5k and cumming like crazy.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Wine Tasting

{Read the beginning of the story here}

Our messages over the next few days got more and more intense, and I couldn't wait for the wine tasting we planned on going to.

Kieran was picking me up from work to drive me to the wine tasting, and the day couldn't have gone by any slower.

I wore my shortest dress that was still somewhat work-appropriate, and at 5pm, I slipped into the bathroom to remove my panties.

Nervous and excited, I walked out to his car - full of anticipation of what the night might hold - and tossed my panties into his lap, as I jumped in.

He just laughed, delightfully surprised, and leaned in for our first kiss. After so much anticipation, it was nice to get a little sexual release, with lots more to cum.

We were both definitely turned on as we drove out of the parking lot and headed to the wine tasting. It was only a few minutes, once we got onto the highway, before he slid his hand up my thigh and grazed my pussy lips.

A shudder ran through me.

And then his fingers pressed and probed and my breathing got heavier and heavier. I'm not even sure how he was concentrating on the road. I sure wasn't.

My legs were writhing and my hips convulsing as I came HARD, just as we approached our exit.

The wine tasting was at a local grocery store and is held monthly. I'd never been to one before, but Kieran had been many times and knew right where to go. As we were pulling up, I noticed a handful of coworkers out on the patio, where the wine tasting was being held.

Oh shit! Good thing I already came in the car. ;)

We had to be on good behavior from then on, since I'm not sure how open my coworkers would be to our situation.
Sure, I was still flirty; I was drinking wine, after all. But no one seemed to comment or care.

Jasper came to pick me up after an hour or so, and we had a super fun drive home. He fingered me as well, with a few more orgasms for me.

Lucky girl.


A few days later, we were talking about the wine tasting and contemplating going to the next one. I like wine from time to time, but I'm more of a tequila girl. So, I asked if there were ever any tequila tastings.

Turns out, there was one coming up at the end of May.

Sign me up!

Kieran even suggested getting a room at the hotel. And inviting Jasper. And thus, we made plans for our first threesome.

More to cum...

Friday, May 22, 2015

The beginning of the story

Here we go.

The beginning of the story.

I'm going to break this into a few different posts, so it doesn't get too lengthy. It's a pretty fun story, so stick with me. :)


I'd been running with my friend, Kieran, for about a year or so. We ran trails; we ran road. Training runs and a few races. Running together was fun. Since I was used to mostly solo running, it was nice having a partner every now and again.

It was all very innocent.

Until one day on a trail run he was telling me about two girls he was kinda sorta seeing. Or wanted to be seeing more.

And he mentioned how they were kinky.

Me: Kinky how? Like BDSM?
Him: Maybe. Whatever.

Kind of dismissive but he continued with his story.

And then he mentioned something about the girl liking anal.

What? Come again? Is this conversation happening?

I think I just kind of laughed it off a little. Asking appropriate questions. But in my mind getting more and more curious. And yes, maybe a little turned on.


After that run, I remember coming home and telling Jasper that fucking Keiran might become a reality. And I relayed to him all the conversation that we'd had on that morning's run.

The conversation on our runs would eventually gravitate to sex in some manner. Sometimes not for a few hours into the run. LOL. We were both a little shy about sharing our true selves, I think.

We joked around about sex and life, but nothing too intense or too explicit. I was mostly quiet through it all. I know, that's not the Lola you all know and love, but it tends to happen that way in real life.


We had a Ragnar Trail event coming up, and a super sweet cabin to go with it. And a hot tub, too. At this point, I really wanted to fuck him. So, of course, I slipped in a few condoms when packing. I was excited about the possibility that the long weekend held.

We carpooled together for the 3+ hour drive. For most of it we had another passenger, but we met up with another teammate at a gas station, and our passenger rode the rest of the way with her. So he wouldn't have to be scrunched up in the back seat any longer.

And then our conversation got a little saucier.

I was just about to tell him about the first time I'd had anal when we entered the National Park, and he had to really concentrate on the windy roads in the dark.

When we arrived at the cabin, and were getting the tour, I whispered to him that we should share a room.

And that was the end of that.

I threw a few more signs his way to indicate I wanted more, but, well, he didn't really pick up on them.

  • I invited him to the hot tub - just the two of us - after most of the team had headed home.
  • I asked him to make me breakfast (probably the subtlest of my signs).
  • I lingered and leaned in.


No fucking at all the whole weekend.

I was so worked up by the time the weekend ended, I practically jumped on Jasper as I walked into the apartment!


But after that weekend, suddenly things progressed at an exponential rate! I'm not even sure how it happened or what triggered it, but our texts started getting more and more graphic.

There was a conversation about me getting a race sugar daddy, so that I could afford more races.
Kieran:A sugar daddy is going to want something in return though! Haha.
Me:You say that like you doubt my follow through.
Kieran:I had no idea.
Me:There could be a sliding scale.
Kieran:There has to be.
Kieran:But, of course.
Me:Something like? Local race, no travel - 1 bj; Race with travel, air, hotel - anal
And more talk of the different sugar daddy tiers.

Suddenly, we were talking about fucking and the missed signs at Ragnar.

And making plans to go to a wine tasting.

That will be a story for another night.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TMI Tuesday - Deep Thoughts

I know, I know. You all want stories. And I really will get to them, I promise, but first I thought it would be fun to join in for TMI Tuesday.

For the first time since 2011. lol.

1. What three things do you expect from a relationship with a lover/spouse?
Respect. Honesty. Can me laugh. And Cum. And maybe laugh while cumming! That's one of my faves. :)

2. What three things do you expect from a relationship with your child?
No, kids for me. :)

3. How do you mend a broken heart?
Damn. It's been well more than a decade since I've had my heart broken, so I have no idea. Hope I never have to deal with that.

4. What is your favorite therapy (remedial treatment of mental or bodily disorder)?
Honestly? Sleep. Or yoga.

5. Who in your life has an annoying habit? How do you deal with this?
I have a coworker who notices everything. And gives the weirdest compliments. He's a really nice guy, and I would definitely fuck him, but he does come off a little creepy at times. I deal with it the the same way anyone would - laugh with another coworker about him. LOL.

6. In five words, describe yourself. You cannot use the following words: funny, fun, nice, kind, responsible.
Adventurous. Loving. Kinky. Quiet. Open.

Bonus: If in a long time, romantic relationship do you still flirt? How do you flirt with your significant other?
Absolutely! I'm not sure how, exactly, I do things I know he likes - wear sexy clothes, bend over provocatively, whisper in his ear, tell him I love him, invite him to have a threesome. You know, simple little things.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

I'm back. I hope.

I know, I know. My last comeback was pretty short-lived, but now I've got some fun stories to tell and fantasies to share.

As a quick little teaser, I recently had a running buddy turn into a fuck buddy. We've been having lots of fun lately, and I can't wait to share it with all of you.

I'm sure you'll definitely want in on some of the details, too.

This is just my hello post.

Hopefully I'll have some delicious filth coming to you very soon.